About Balena

Hospitality comes naturally to Afghans. In fact, they take great pride in serving their guest affectionately. You’d often hear your Afghan friends asking you ‘‘Chai?’’. That is their way of inviting you to share tea and conversation.
Balena in Pashto means ‘invitation’. Consider this an invitation to come and get a taste of Afghan cuisine and culture. We invite you to immerse yourself in
the contemporary Afghan motifs and elegant décor that foster a vibrant atmosphere.

Be a part of our journey, that started from the mountains of Speen Ghar (White Mountain), and through the European plains brought us to this gorgeous white wonderland of Canada. While we mastered the art of creating fine recipes at various restaurants we owned, we always had the Afghan skills of serving great food delightfully to our guests.

Experience our rich cuisine enhanced by our attentive service. Get the true taste of Afghan cuisine with our signature recipes like Shinwari Gad Karahi, Churg Karahi, Qabili Palau with Lamb Shank, Mantoo, and round it off with a scrumptious dessert like Fernee or Baklava.